We have been proudly producing Private Labels for many Partners worldwide for over 30 years.

Tamma is proud of its century long tradition of durum wheat semolina pasta making, a tradition that brought us today to be one of the very few pasta factories with a vertically integrated production system..

Our know-how spreads through a careful selection of raw material sto the making of the final product, from the personalized pre and post purchasing assistance to the choice of packaging types, guaranteeing absolute control over quality and traceability.. This allows us to offer our business partners not only top quality products but also an extraordinary reliability.

Many Partners have entrusted Tamma for the production of their owned Private Labels. We are proud to produce for many leading pasta companies as well as for some of the most important Retails from Europe to North America..

We can offer our Partners a large variety of products and hundreds of pasta shapes to chose from: our lines include Traditional Durum Wheat Semolina, Organic, Whole Wheat Organic, Whole Wheat and Biodynamic Pasta. All available bronze or Teflon extruded.

For further information on business partnerships, please contact our team through the form here on the right.

By entrusting us for the production of your pasta, you will be able to chose:

Many shapes to chose from , Teflon or bronze extruded.
Short, Long, Specialties, Soup and many more cuts to chose from.
Possibility to chose the raw material ranging from standard semolina to special semolina.

Pasta is an outstanding food naturally healthy and perfect for a well balanced diet, and for those consumers who are even more concerned with wholesome living, Tamma brings to you an even more natural line of products through our Organic pasta. A pasta made with 100% Organic semolina that answers the needs of those consumers concerned with healthy eating and environmentalism. With over 10 years of experience in this field, pioneers of this specific market, we are capable today to offer an organic pasta in many different shapes, certified ICEA and NOP (Usa).

Foods rich in fiber have lately had a growing trend thanks to their benefits on health.
According to American Dietetic Association, a person needs 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber every day.
Our Whole Grain pasta is produced including the wheat germ and bran fiber making it a food with an elevated content of fiber (9 gr per 100 gr of pasta). But most of all, our whole wheat pasta , thanks to special drying systems and to a careful selection of raw materials, has an extraordinary taste of fresh wheat and semolina making it not only healthy but also very, very tasty.
Conforming to USA and international standards of “High Fiber” and “Whole Grain 100%” products, it is certified by the Whole Grain Council and is available in many shapes teflon or bronze extruded.

A perfect healthy and wholesome mix! The combination of the benefits of whole wheat pasta along with the ones of organic pasta. Pasta made with 100% organic durum wheat, of which we use the entire germ and bran to make a product that is rich in fiber, healthy and totally natural. Available in many different shapes, bronze or Teflon extruded.

Biodynamic is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. Biodynamic was first developed in the early 1920s.
It requires a balanced integration of crops and livestock on the farm, as well as a certain amount of wild or uncultivated land as part of the biodiversity safeguard.
Tamma sources its wheat within these certified DEMETER farms to create its Biodynamic pasta. We very attentively respect the guidelines of the certifying agency and of the actual philosophy of biodynamic production and agriculture. Currently one of the very few pasta factories having obtained FDA approval for this type of pasta.

Your pasta customized with your logo, your images, your design. Our team of experts will guide you through the creation of a pasta package tailor made for you. Once you have sent us your artwork, we will help you adjust it to dielines of the package you chose suggesting the best possible solutions for a perfect final rendering and result.
Our versatile packaging capabilities and our know how will allow you to also choose the type of packaging. Many solutions available:

  • Pillow pack – classic pillow pack bag. Available matte or transparent film.
  • Doppio fondo quadro – ‘self standing’ package,distinguished by the fact that it has a square shape and, as the definition says, it can stand up on its own. Available for all short, small and soup shapes. Matte or transparent film. Open/Close resealable tape also available.
  • Astuccio – box – Classic paperboard package.
  • Multipack o Catering – Display cartons and packages, and catering packages (1kg to 3kg)

For all types of packages you can also choose the net weight of the product: 500g, 1kg, 1lb (456g), 2lb (907g), 9oz (255g).

  • Secondary packaging – Cartons. Possibility to choose the number of single units per carton.
Being in the Private Lable field for over 30 years, we know well that each customer has different and specific needs. That’s why we offer each client all the necessary services personalized for the development of their pasta with their brand.

From pre-purchase to post-purchase assistance, help in the choice of the product ,packaging and design, suggestions on logistics to optimize your orders, guidance on quality and raw materials, on international certifications and regulations for food safety, on marketing and sales.

We have teams of experts for every aspect revolving around private label development and will be glad to help with any and all requests or needs regarding your banded pasta.