A 100 year old ‘story’

The history of Tamma begins in the XIX century, when the family started producing pasta in an small artisanal workshop in Bari. From then, many generations have followed one another and have in time, and with passion and commitment, made Tamma a point of reference within the milling and pasta production industries. Documented history sets the birth of the company in 1907 by Francesco Tamma whoinitially founded F.Tamma & Co.

In 1933 Raffaele Tamma, son of Francesco, purchased a mill and pasta factory in Cerignola,, beginning the production of the pasta that still today has his name. At the end of the 60’ Raffaele Tamma, with his borother- in-law Giulio Carella, purchased a land in Foggia, in Corso del Mezzogiorno where they built the first mill, followed by a second in the 70’. Around the 90’ on the same site, a very modern warehouse was built.

In 2004 Tamma, wanting to increase its position within the pasta production industry and seeking to optimize costs, built an up to date pasta factory in Foggia,uniting on one single site mills, warehouse and the factory that certainly is one of the most technologically advanced of the entire country.